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Direct Horizontal Drilling Website Build

Migration of existing website content into new, modern framework that is self-editable and search engine friendly.

Westwind Designs Website Build

Ground-up overhaul of Westwind's website

  • website build
    • self-editable
    • search engine friendly
    • optimized for search engines
  • creative design & unique presentation befitting a creative company

Crowd Skip Website & Marketing

Did marketing & creative for the ground breaking CrowdSkip mobile app that delivers beer to your seat at stadium events.

  • site heavily tweaked for mobile devices
  • integrated into back-end sales system

The Counsel Network Website Build

TCN's high-end legal recruitment services cater to high-end clients, and their look needed to be razor sharp.

ITnorth Marketing & Website

Helped ITnorth "rise above the noise" of similar IT companies, focusing on solutions and not technical jargon.

  • integrated 3rd party remote access plug-ins
  • extensive analytics
  • search engine optimized

High Engineering Website & App Development

  • Developed "FallClear" an app to calculate Fall Arrest Clearances. Available for iPhone & Android"
  • Re-Designed Website using a modern framework & developed website in under 3 weeks
  • User friendly and easily maintained